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Complete Bee Removal Services and Bee Products


"Our company leads with humane, sustainable bee conservation and removal practices and  is dedicated to educating others about the vital role bees play in our ecosystem.”

 - Ty & Alyssa Kelius

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Our Story

Honeybee Rescue Company is owned and operated by the Kelius family (Ty, Alyssa, Alexis, and Ty Jr).  What started in 2016 as a hobby between mother and son, Linda Fulmer and Ty Kelius, things quickly began growing each year in the number of hives and the extraction of honey where the entire family became involved.  In 2017, the company expanded into capturing swarms and executing cut outs from homes and businesses. Beekeeping has become a therapy for us as we rescue these endangered creatures that are so vital to keeping our pollinator population thriving!  We are constantly learning new things about this incredible insect species and we love to share those things with our friends and followers. You can watch live cut outs and swarm captures on our Facebook Page @Honeybee Rescue Company

STEP 1: Identification

A professional will first identify the type of bees. This is crucial as different bees require different removal methods.

STEP 2: Inspection

Using tools like an infrared camera, the professional locates the bees and assesses the situation.

STEP 3:  Equipment

To calm the bees, they will wear protective gear and use specialized tools, such as a bee vacuum and a smoker.

STEP 4:  Removal

The bees are gently vacuumed or otherwise collected, and the hive is carefully extracted.

STEP 5:  Clean Up

After removal, the area is cleaned to remove any remnants of the hive, such as honeycombs, to prevent future infestations.

STEP 6:  Repair

Any damage to the structure is repaired, and measures are taken to deter bees from returning.

STEP 7:  Relocation

The bees are relocated to a safe environment where they can continue their essential role in pollination.


Safe extraction of a hive requires important steps to insure the safety of the hive and the residents.

BEe Removal Services

Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania

and the surrounding areas.

The Honey Bee

is a highly social insect that lives in large colonies and is renowned for producing honey. A honey bee is easily recognizable by its furry body with distinctive yellow and black bands and a slender, almost oval shape.

Bee Removal Service Area

Serving southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. 

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